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Name: Seregil í Korit Solun Meringil Bôkthersa
Canon: The Nightrunner Series by Lynn Flewelling. [Think R Hobb/GRR Martin without the grimdark. Lowkey medieval-ish high fantasy.]

Age: depends on his canonpoint, my go-to is pre-canon so mid-fifties, looks like he's in his late teens/early twenties (a bit older, ~25, when he's dressed up as a woman)
Appearance: Dark brown wavy/curly hair down to his shoulders, pretty, grey eyes, pale skin, slender, fairly short for a guy
Species: Aurënfaie (think Tolkien elves wit round ears, essentially. His personality isn't particularly typical, though)

Settings for threads: While I'm not opposed to AUs, I also like to play regular Seregil. Settings in which this could realistically happen include: Any generic medieval-fantasy setting. Any generic jamjar setting, though I have a preference for dystopian, asylum or premodern-town-run-by-gods.
Sexuality/Shipping: Bi, leaning towards men - I'm happy to play ships with any gender
Good to know: Seregil has a "policy" of not giving people his real name and playing the role of someone else (he has a pretty big repertoire, from bard to harbour worker to beggar to noble and more, and they're all very convincing) unless there is a very good reason to use his own identity and personality. To achieve that, in a meme setting there are two options: Assume previous CR that involves a lot of trust (dating isn't necessarily enough, working/living arrangements might work better), or win it/get into a situation where he has to reveal more about himself halfway through the thread. If you want to play with the "real" Seregil from the start or want to make sure that he shows up later on, message me and we'll set it up that way!


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For the sake of simplicity (so that he can happily run around alone) Seregil is pulled from pre-canon in most threads.

This muse is super new and I'm still finding my way with him, so I'd appreciate nudges in the right direction. I am not very far into the series yet though, so please don't spoiler me (I've finished book three as of now and am trying to get my hands on the others).

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